FronteraFest is a five-week long performance festival that ScriptWorks co-produces with Hyde Park Theatre annually. We commission four pieces for the Short Fringe, which appear weekly on Weds. nights. Every year, several of our members are involved in FronteraFest. Below are the members  who are taking part this year. For the full festival line-up and to purchase tickets visit Hyde Park Theatre.


Weds. Jan. 13
Reasons You Should Stay, written and performed by Max Langert (ScriptWorks Commission). I know you’ve already made up your mind, but please, just listen one last time before you leave . . .

Animal Rescue, by Lillian Wright (Chrysanthemum aka Raye Ward). An aging telemarketer discovers she has more to offer than a sales script.

Birth of a Saleslady, by Morgan Kauphusman. A small-town sales associate spends a colorful Sunday learning about the power of therapy with her favorite customers.

Fri. Jan. 15
Safety Check, Kalli Angel & Marina DeYoe-Pedraza (Light Sweet Crude Productions). After another terrorist attack overseas, a young woman learns that her sister may have been in the line of fire.

Tues. Jan. 19
Day 9 Prompt, by Tony Salinas. A short piece inspired by ScriptWorks 30/60/90 daily writing program.

Weds. Jan. 20
Gender Tsunami, by Ava Love Hanna (ScriptWorks Commission). A couple tackles complex gender identity issues first thing in the morning. Secrets are revealed. A tsunami may or may not be coming . . . and no one has had coffee yet. A new comedy featuring Paul Hanna and Ava Love Hanna.

Angela Returns, by Raymond V. Whelan (The Highland Lakes Players). Michael tries to comfort Dennis as he grieves for his wife Angela, who died during a horrific fire. The ghost of Angela dances, listens, speaks and watches as both men struggle to enjoy life.

Fri. Jan. 22
Two Fathers: The Vietnam Vet & The Vietnamese Refugee, by Christine Hoang & James Hughes (Color Arc Productions). This is a story about our dads. 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. Both our dads served in the Vietnam War. James’ dad was commissioned as a lieutenant in the US Army. Christine’s dad was a Captain in the South Vietnamese Army where he worked alongside American allies. We tell their stories in tribute to their service and their sacrifice, and because we love them.

60 Like Myra, by Mahani Zubedy (Dillo Media). Three women share about life after 50 and their girlfriend Myra’s upcoming wedding in Malaysia.

Tues. Jan. 26
The Day The Coloreds Integrated, by Tommy LeVrier. The cheerleading try outs coincide with the first day of integration in a small East Texas High School in 1966 in this dark comedy. Directed by Jay Reher.

Weds. Jan. 27
Yellow Bike, by Lydia Blaisdell (ScriptWorks Commission). Two women wait outside the ER and discover a surprising connection. A look at entanglement in the Tinder era. Directed by Cara Phipps with performers Maddrey Blackwood and Rachel Gilbert.

Tied Up (working title), by Aimée Gonzalez. Excerpts from a new full length play, directed by Ellie McBride.

Thurs. Jan. 28
Abbott & Carmelita, by Megan Thornton (Company 400). On January 20th, 2015 Greg Abbott becomes the 48th Governor of Texas. Carmelita, student body president, will travel from Llano to Austin to witness the inauguration–and she will get there with or without your support. Told through Company 400’s finger puppetry, Abbott & Carmelita is a story of ambition, tenacity, and four tons of brisket. Company 400 is Blaine Fonnesbeck, Topping Haggerty, Chadwick Smith, Regina Soto, and Megan Thornton.

Fri. Jan. 29
Maybe Sally Loves You, by Raymond V. Whelan (The Highland Lakes Players). Two Iraq War veterans meet in California at a race track where they share dreams of love and luck.

On the Banks of Waterloo, by C.M. Gill. This one-act play in three scenes examines the conflicting voices and visions vying for Austin’s future and definition. Directed by Zac Thomas.

Tues. Feb. 2
Handful of Minutes, by Hank Schwemmer. A series of very short plays for life-size people.

I Am Mister Miyagi, written and performed by Megan Tabaque, directed and dramaturged by Gabrielle Randle. An excerpt from a longer work in development, this staged reading of I Am Mister Miyagi tells the story of a Hapa woman and the psychological consequences of her most successful Halloween costume.

Weds. Feb. 3
Crying Room, by Rita Anderson (ScriptWorks Commission). Crying Room is a monologue play about Melissa, a nervous talker, who waits out a wedding for the funeral to follow–where she’ll be a pallbearer. It’s a celebration of life, love, and friendship. Performed by Shannon Grounds.

For Worse, by Tristan Y. Mercado. A couple experiences cold feet minutes before their wedding.

Thurs. Feb. 4
Loaded Gun Theory Decides Your Doom, by Loaded Gun Theory (Tim Thomas et al). You show up at Hyde Park Theatre ready for another night of Fringe Fest Fantasticness. Probably an autobiographical monologue, an interpretive dance, and of course, improv. Likely set to music. But what’s this? Suddenly, a bunch of assholes show up and put you in charge. Will you go back in time to rescue Undersea Explorer Jeanne De Chateau’s wife from a watery grave or ignore what even your own past self tells you to do and try to escape to the surface? Only you can . . . DECIDE YOUR DOOM!

Kiya Heartwood, by Kiya Heartwood. Performance of original singer/songwriter songs.

Fri. Feb. 5
Hobo Camp, by Kyle John Schmidt. A new one-act play directed by Elizabeth C. Lay.

The Palmistry of Paradox Magic, by Tim Mateer, Allison Moseley & Patrick Costigan (Tim Started It!). A fragmented storytelling collaboration.

Unspoken, words by Heather Bishop, music by Danny G. A musical spoken word performance by artist Heather Bishop from her collections “Spark” and “A Tree Like This.”


As you may have heard, we were forced to cancel the Long Fringe portion of FronteraFest due to permitting issues at Ground Floor Theatre. However, these members’ shows are going forward in new locations.  Check out all the BYOV/re-venued shows at the Hyde Park Theatre website.

Coma, by Jacobo Bergareche.
The Museum of Human Achievement, 3600 Lyons Rd.

Julieta, a woman in her mid-thirties, drives all the way from Austin to Dallas every two weeks to visit her husband, who has been lying the last four years on a hospital bed, connected to a ventilator and in a deep irreversible coma. Recent events in Julieta’s life make her want to make this visit different. With Karina Dominguez in the role of Julieta. Directed by Elizabeth Cayton Martin. 60 minutes.

Fri. 1/23 at 9:15pm; Sun. 1/31 @ 4pm

Liberté Egalité Adoptée, by Maggie Gallant.
The Back Pack, 2400 E. Cesar Chavez, Ste. 206

What kind of parent KNITS their daughter a swimsuit? With itchy, water-absorbing red wool? Maybe the same ones that would buy her a leather briefcase for her 11th birthday. If you ever felt like you didn’t belong with your family then share the embarrassment as British comedian Maggie Gallant discovers where she really came from and then wishes she hadn’t. Written and performed by Maggie Gallant. Directed by Carla Cackowski. 60 minutes.

Fri. 1/29 @ 7:00pm; Sun. 1/31 @ 2:15pm

Unshackled, by Anthony Ellison and Neal Adelman (Punchkin Repertory Theatre)
The Back Pack, 2400 E. Cesar Chavez, Ste. 206

A popular conspiracy theorist has a podcast called Unshackled. His “harmless” Twitter banter leads to the kidnapping of his mother and threats by a powerful corporate force. The enemy forces him to choose between his mother or his beloved cell phone. Which will he choose? 90 minutes.

Tues. 1/26 @ 7pm; & Sat. 1/30 @ 2pm and 8pm

Saturday, February 6
Curated by Diana Lynn Small

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