Inspired by Suzan-Lori Parks’ 365 Days/365 Plays project, ScriptWorks invites you to join with us every summer in the daily practice of writing.

Sign up for a period of time — 30, 60, or 90 days. During that period of time, we’ll send you a daily writing prompt by email, offered by local and national writers, and artists — read their bios here — each of whom also has some kind of daily practice.

Write anything. Finish it. Move on to the next thing. Just write every day. Don’t look back! You will probably hate it at some point. You will probably love it, too. You may or may not like what winds up on the page. But 30/60/90 is not about the end result or the product. It’s just about the practice of sitting down every day to do your work.

For the last ten years, the programs have been huge successes and we are set to go again for 2016. The program will start June 1 and run through August 29.

Seed Support

It takes more than love to nurture words into plays. ScriptWorks provides Seed Support (up to $500) as well as administrative assistance to members on an project-by-project, writer-initiated basis. Seed Support also gives writers the tools to raise funds using SW’s non-profit status. Seed Support projects can fund a wide range of activities including: development, travel, research, workshops – anything a writer needs to directly fulfill our mission and their individual visions.

The Salon

The backbone of ScriptWorks, the Salon provides a place for playwrights to hear their work in an informal setting. Monthly salons feature unrehearsed readings of finished plays or fragments from plays-in-progress by members and are followed by writer-driven discussions with SW members. Austin Salons usually occur on the last Sunday of the month at 6:30 PM. Members must have attended two salons before they can have on scheduled for their work. Prospective members are welcome to attend a Salon before joining.

Member News

This is the information you need to know. Sent to all members via email,  ScriptWorks’ weekly newsletter includes: announcements of upcoming events, member awards and productions, submission opportunities and other items of interest.

Dramatis Personae

ScriptWorks presents workshops and symposiums given by leading theatre professionals and playwrights visiting the Austin area. Previous guests include: Erik Ehn, Megan Monaghan, Liz Engleman, Naomi Iizuka, Ruth Margraff, Sherry Kramer, Jennifer Haley, Amparo Garcia-Crow, Rodrigo Duarte-Clark, Octavio Solis, Kirk Lynn, Caridad Svich, and Steven Dietz.

Weekend Fling

Affair, liaison, bed-hopping–whatever you choose to call it–sometimes a fling is just what a writer needs. In this fall event, members spend 48 hours writing 10-minute plays based on an arbitrary set of rules. Selected plays are produced in the spring Out of Ink Festival. Once a year.

Out of Ink

Selected plays written during the Weekend Fling are presented in a showcase production. An annual event held every Spring.


Featuring over 800 performers from all over Austin, the state of Texas, and the United States – FronteraFest is five weeks of alternative, offbeat, new, and just plain off-the-wall fringe performance you don’t want to miss.

Co-produced by Hyde Park Theatre and ScriptWorks, FronteraFest features the Short Fringe (for pieces up to 25 minutes), the Long Fringe (for pieces 45-90 minutes), Bring Your Own Venue (for site-specific work) and Mi Casa es Su Teatro (works performed in homes all over Austin). Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and are available in August with a deadline of November 1st. The festival occurs annually in January and February.

Complete information is available at

FronteraFest Commissions

Tired of not getting produced? Produce it yourself! SW gives four, one-act commissions (up to $200) to members for production in the FronteraFest Short Fringe. Deadline for commission applications is in September.


Trouble-shooting is never easy, especially alone. This ongoing program provides playwrights the opportunity to put their heads together with a ScriptWorks dramaturg, untangle wires and spark new ideas.

Finer Point Fund

When appropriate, ScriptWorks may give financial support to a local theatre producing a world premiere of a SW member’s play. The production is held to an “Author’s Bill of Writes” assuring the writer mutual approval over artistic decisions.

Script Exchange

One of the biggest challenges that faces playwrights in the central Texas region is getting their work into the national theaters. To address this, ScriptWorks promotes members locally and nationwide through the SW Web Site and provides recommendations for script submission to professional theaters and agents upon request and review.

Meet and Greet

This yearly gathering is open to all members and provides playwrights a chance to meet collaborators, share ideas, and fill up on some good food.