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  • Create a home for dramatic writers that stimulates imagination
  • Develop new dramatic works to their fullest potential and feed them into the local and national markets
  • Produce and encourage the production of new work that lends dignity to the playwright’s vision
  • Network and enhance the visibility of the diverse community of playwrights in the Central Texas area
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MAGIX ISLAND by Yadira Uranga
Sunday, April 28th at 6:30 PM
Trinity Church of Austin, 4001 Speedway

MAGIX ISLAND follows the story of a Blind young girl named Claudette who is trying to live her life as independently as possible, however the family has to move to an island because her father will be working for the King. Besides her mother being overly protective of Claudette, the islanders are not very welcoming of persons with disabilities, isolating them from society. The King also has a son who is blind but he isn’t very accepting of the young man. Some persons with disabilities are having to mask their disability in order to provide for themselves. Claudette will meet other persons with disabilities along the way. They will gather together as a team to advocate for their rights and for the freedom of the unicorns.  This play shares some of the realism of some of the struggles of living with a disability, but this play is also filled with fantasy.

Yadira Uranga was born with an eye condition named Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. In 2011 Yadira graduated with an associate’s degree in music. She has performed in several Operas including “Sister Angelica” by Giacomo Puccini, and she has performed in several productions with TILT Performance group including “Strange Faces” by Andrea Grody. She has written a short Play for TILT Called Audition of Chaos. Ms. Uranga has a Guide dog who has performed with her in several productions as well as in improvised shows.

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