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  • Create a home for dramatic writers that stimulates imagination
  • Develop new dramatic works to their fullest potential and feed them into the local and national markets
  • Produce and encourage the production of new work that lends dignity to the playwright’s vision
  • Network and enhance the visibility of the diverse community of playwrights in the Central Texas area
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THE MODEL HOME by Doug Gower
February 23 at 6:30 PM
The Lighthouse at Hope Chapel, 6701 Arroyo Seco*

In the year 1963, a  real estate developer Rex and his intellectual young wife Liz relocate from city to rural farm country.  There, the husband plans to turn his innovative architectural ideas into a suburban housing development,  bringing what he calls “The California Idea,” nature into the home, to Connecticut.  Most of all, turning the homemaking wife into a fulfilled creative domestic “star,” as long as she keeps up with her housekeeping and child-rearing.  Two beings, Quint and Esme, also live on the land.  Unbeknownst to Rex and Liz, they are very minor, extremely local, immortals. They have been there thousands of years, predating the arrival of earliest humans.  Like the rocks, trees, and streams, they can never leave or they die.  But stuck by fate in the boonies, like all provincials they hunger for novelty and a better, cushier, fun life. Featuring the talents of Joe Kelley, Maria Latiolais, Barbara Mojica, and Jesus Valles.

Doug Gower’s published fiction includes “A Message from Your Skin” coming soon in Defenestration Magazine, his story “Kartoosh” and novella “Cowboy vs Truck,” out last year in Eclectica.  His play “Daddies” is available from Dramatists Play Service and his stage plays have been seen in venues such as The Vineyard Theatre (NYC), Julliard Repertory (NYC), and The Actors Theatre of Louisville.  Doug loves being a member of ScriptWorks as well as Austin Fiction Writers Group, where he has a strange novel in development.

*The Lighthouse is a portable building which is actually on Ruth Street. There is street parking on Ruth but please be a good neighbor and don’t block any driveways. Look for the PackRat storage unit and go up the sidewalk to the left of it and you’ll see the entrance on the right. There is also a parking lot on the other side of the campus off of Arroyo Seco. If you park there, go through the gate at the back of the parking lot and the Lighthouse is on the other side of the playground. If you have any trouble, text or call Christi at 512-589-4055.

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