July 18th, 2:00pm
Austin Playhouse, Larry L. King Theatre
Penn Field, 3601 S. Congress Ave.

Debutantes & Vagabonds, an Austin non-profit theater company, proudly presents the theatrical premiere of The Virgin w/ 10,000 Arrows written by member Jason Tremblay and directed by Francisco Rodriguez.The production received funding from ASW’s Finer Point Fund for new play production and to help us replenish the fund, D&V is donating proceeds from the July 18th matinee to Austin Script Works. Please come out and support ASW and new play production in Austin!

In 1994, a young and famous American painter, Andres Marca Relli steals his own artwork out of a NY gallery and then commits suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge three days later. This play takes place between the seven seconds from when Andres steps off of the Golden Gate Bridge to the moment he hits the water. Starring: Travis Emery, Kim Adams, Noel Gaulin, Carole Metellus, Don Stewart, Emily Everidge, and Eric Porter.

Tickets are $15 for general admission and $12 for students and starving artists.