ASW’s 10th Annual Out of Ink Festival
The Blue Theater
916 Springdale Road
April 3-5 and 10-12 at 8 PM
Tickets $12 general admission, $10 students/seniors/ASW/ACoT
April 3 is a Pay-What-You-Wish preview

A global pop ballad, a Christmas carol, a golden oldie, a 20th century piano work and a plethora of Broadway show tunes. At Austin Script Works, we’ve got the music in us and we’re teaching the world to sing in KEY CHANGES, the 10th annual Out of Ink ten-minute play showcase. Eight plays were selected from submissions created during a 48-hour writing retreat, called the Weekend Fling. During the Fling, writers are given three “ingredients” and two days to write their hearts out and create a ten-minute play.

This year each play had to include:

1. A character with a secret they are trying to hide
2. A piece of music, some of which may have been forgotten
3. A radical physical transformation (be it of person, place or thing.)

At the end of the Fling, the plays were read in an ASW Salon at the State Theater. A selection committee picked eight of the plays to produce in the Out of Ink Festival. This year’s ingredients were contributed by playwright Daniel Alexander Jones, actor/director Jenny Larson, and Megan Monaghan, Literary Manager at South Coast Rep. The selection committee included ASW co-founding Core Alum, David Gunderson; playwright and ASW member, Kendall Lynch; and costume designer, Pamela Fletcher-Friday.

The KEY CHANGES scripts were written by:
Katherine Catmull, Vicki Caroline Cheatwood, Elizabeth Cobbe, Aimée Gonzalez, Meg Haley, Marshall Maresca, Sarah Saltwick and Tom Sime. The plays will be performed by an ensemble of actors including Mick D’Arcy, Jamison Drikill, Gina Houston, Hannah Kenah, Alan Lester, Nicole Marosis, Kayla Newman, Andrew Varenhorst, Jose Villarreal, Zeb L. West, and Amanda Yilmaz. They’ll be directed by Emily Fordyce, T.J. Gonzales, Christina J. Moore and Ginger Morris.