NEVER DO HARM by Raymond Whelan
Sunday, May 19th at 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

NEVER DO HARM is a one-act play about three souls in Purgatory, the place Dante envisioned as the second realm of the afterlife. During his encounter with Doctor Karl White, former bodyguard Joe Scarpa admits he accidentally shot and killed the Boss of Louisiana. Also, Scarpa admits he is partially responsible for White’s early death. When Bonnie White appears before both men, she urges her doctor husband to forgive Scarpa. The couple move toward Paradise. However, Scarpa realizes he must stay in Purgatory to compensate for this Earthly failures.

Raymond V. Whelan is a former journalist based in San Antonio and Marble Falls, Texas. He joined Script Works more than three years ago. He wrote, directed and produced SOUTHIE PRIDE EZZAH GIVEN for FronteraFest 2012, and he wrote and directed SOME WOMEN SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE for FronteraFest 2013.