The following members’ work is appearing in the FronteraFest Best of Fest week:

Tuesday, February 13 and Friday, February 16 (Bill A)

The Talk, by Lilly Percifield (ScriptWorks Commission). Lilly Percifield uses DIY props and absurd comedy to satirize the purity culture that influenced her teenage years. The Speaker (Lilly) presents a series of convoluted metaphors and felt-board illustrations that teach the audience how to remain pure and avoid tempting others into sexual sin. Moldy sandwiches and a cheerleading routine depict the state of Christian sex education (or lack thereof) in this silly solo show.

Wednesday, February 14 and Saturday, February 17 (Bill B)

Starcrossed, by Andy Tate, directed by Kirk Scarbrough (ScriptWorks Commission). It’s 2054 and Ellie has fallen in love. Unfortunately, leasing a robot boyfriend isn’t cheap, and she’s also fallen behind on her payments. In a last-ditch effort to prevent the love of her life from being repossessed, Ellie is forced to ask her mom to come to the rescue. Featuring Esther Park, Ryan Fang, and Nguyen Stanton-Adams.

Thursday, February 15 (Wild Card)

Take Care of My Friend, by Kathleen Fletcher. One woman’s comedic journey receiving treatment for 3rd degree burns.

Xenogia Spoken Word Collective, by Jeff “DaShade” Johnson and Zell Miller, III. Xenogia Spoken Word Collective perform Hip-Hop inspired poetry. Devised by Trace Turner and Cynthia Gage, this piece examines the place of oracles in an increasingly digital world by combining practiced divination with AI programs. While inside the temple’s chambers, brave audience members will have the chance to ask one of the oracles to discern their future. We watch each oracle in turn consult and generate prophecies right before our very eyes in a multimedia phantasmagoria that harkens back to a distant age.

In addition to the above these member shows were selected for Best of Week performances:

I’ll Make an End, by Kleo Ryan, directed by Lacey Cannon Gonzales. Centers on a conversation between an Artist and Death as they discuss art, Shakespeare, love, loss, and death by elevator shafts.

Linda’s Last Show, created by CB Goodman and Friends, performed by CB Goodman, a Grackle Jack Production (ScriptWorks Commission). Linda Delray has been Manny the Magnificent’s assistant for 25 years and after another magic show ruined by his lack of professionalism, she’s calling it quits. All she has to do is make it through one last show at the Austin Bird Watchers’ Annual FUNdraiser.