Three for FronteraFest
Sunday, December 17 at 6:30pm
Austin Playwrights Studio
5555 N. Lamar, Bldg. K, Ste. 125

Is the idea of “true love” a bullshit fairy tale that can’t possibly survive the harsh realities of time and “everyday” life? Or, can we truly and deeply connect romantically with another person and stay in love with – and steaming hot for – them year after year after year? These and other questions are up for debate in The Linklater Question. Yes, that Linklater. His Before movies are just too damn thought provoking to ignore, so, really, he had this coming, but, what with the soul searching, puns, and humor that will ensue, perhaps what we’ll have is an homage. Or, perhaps not. You decide . . .

C. M. Gill is a playwright, novelist, and writing instructor living in Austin, TX.  When she’s not writing or teaching, she can be found about town hiking the Greenbelt, playing board games with her nephews, or attempting to play the flute.  Her pug, Dempsey, wants to know where the hell she goes every day without him, and her cat, Oberon, predicts she’ll obey more of his royal edicts in 2018…

Series of extremely short skits dealing with gnats, gnus, bats, okra, raccoons, quail, pickups, skinks, javelina, daddy-long-legs, burghers, toads, ocelots, shoats, warts, mosquitoes, Neiman Marcus, diaramas, and minnows.

Jeff Irvin is the author of The Sword in the Styrofoam, a series of three melodramas published by IE Clark that have been performed all over the US (and even once in Australia).  There was a reading of a full length version of the current Short Fringe Play at ScriptWorks in 2016.

MEAT by Sean Sweeney

A man cooks meat for his girlfriend who refuses to eat it.

Sean Sweeney is new member of ScriptWorks and is participating in his first FronteraFest.