DFW Salon – Sept. 20

SECOND SON by Lon Rogers
Monday, September 20 @ 7:00pm
Iriving Arts Center, 3333 North MacArthur Blvd.

Katie, a toddler, is snatched from the kiddies’ swings at a local park. Jordan, her teenaged brother and babysitter, bears the brunt of the blame. He left her at the swings for two minutes, he says—only two minutes—and went to the street vendor for ice cream. When he turned and looked back at the swings, he found that Katie had simply disappeared. The tragedy is compounded when Jordan unwittingly provides the kidnapper with damaging information. Overcome with guilt and shame, Jordan receives no sympathy from his unforgiving mother; but Jordan’s father reveals to him a family secret that puts mother and son on a path of reconciliation and healing. Second Son is the story of a shattered family finding deliverance in the midst of tragedy.

As a physician, Lon Rogers has practiced medicine in the fields of pediatrics and
dermatology. His other writings include short stories, a novel titled The Between Season, stage plays Losing Daniel and Evening Star Rising, and articles published in medical journals. He resides in Dallas, Texas.


Austin Salon – Sept. 26

NEVER DO HARM by Raymond Whelan
Sunday, September 26, 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

Doctor White, the Senator, Joe and The Reporter are trapped together in the Purgatory Bar. While they drink and listen to traditional jazz played by unseen angels or devils, each character recalls the pivotal event that brought them together. Gradually, they are forced to weigh the tenuousness of life, the elusiveness of truth and the possibility of eternal punishment.

Raymond V. Whelan is an award-winning newspaper reporter for the River Cities Daily Tribune in Marble Falls, Burnet County, in the heart of the Hill Country, where he has written countless words on contemporary political, social and economic conditions.