TBD by Megan Thornton
Sunday, February 28th at 6:30pm
Austin Playwrights Studio
5555 N. Lamar, Bldg. K, Ste. 125*

Lena and Brigham drive to Roy’s house in the mountains of north central Idaho for the weekend  They have gotten married the day before.  Roy is Lena’s father.  It is Brigham’s first opportunity to meet Roy, and the introduction goes along more or less smoothly–until Roy’s ailing house cat Cougar is accidentally let outside.  What follows is an accounting of accountability.

Megan Thornton is a general theater type living here in Austin.  This is her first ScriptWorks Salon reading.  Hell yeah.

*Austin Playwrights Studio (aka Warren’s place) is in the office park behind Half-Price Books on North Lamar, 5555 N. Lamar, Bldg. K, Ste. 125.  The best place to enter is from the back side of the Half Price Books complex. Go south on Guadalupe from Koening and take the 4th driveway on your right.  There’ll be a building with a red awning on your left that says 5426 on it. Continue on and look for Bldg. K on the right.  The door to the space says Suites K 123-126, so you won’t see the actual suite number from the parking lot. If you have trouble, call Christi at 512-589-4055.