Sunday, February, 22, 2009 @6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

The February 22nd Salon will feature “Low Hanging Stars” by Sarah Saltwick and “Blook of Clouds” by Elizabeth Cobbe.

Low Hanging Stars is a love story between ghost, preteen starlet and her mother set on an impossibly pretty hill in New England. It’s hard to move forward, it’s hard to look back but it’s harder to stay still. A work in progress inspired by tragic events and Dakota Fanning.

Sarah Saltwick is young playwright relatively new to the Austin theatre scene. Her work has been selected for FronteraFest Best of Week She Creatures:Mythic Women (2009) and Parents are People (2008, ASW Commission). She took part in Loaded Gun Theory’s Slapdash FlimFlam (2008). Her play Cecilia was nominated for Best New Play 2008 by Austin Critic’s Table and was originally created for ASW’s Out of Ink festival. She is a graduate of Hampshire College. She works as a booking agent at Holden & Arts Associates and always seems to have more ideas than time.

Book of Clouds is set in Austin in 1958. A remarkable library of every book imaginable has burned to the ground. The former librarian and a young girl who hates to read sort through the ashes together.

Elizabeth Cobbe has written several plays that have been produced in Austin and beyond. Her very favorite was her one-person show Ohio Trip. She also writes theater reviews for the Chronicle. She has written a novel which you’re welcome to read. Ask her about it sometime.