FronteraFest is a five-week long performance festival that ScriptWorks co-produces with Hyde Park Theatre annually. The Short Fringe, for pieces 25 minutes or less occurs at Hyde Park Theatre, with five shows performing a night. We commission four pieces for the Short Fringe, which appear weekly on Weds. nights. Every year, several of our members are involved in FronteraFest. Below are the members who are taking part in the Short Fringe this year. For the full festival line-up and to purchase tickets visit Hyde Park Theatre.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

In Bloom by Robin Anderson
An original short play about a woman struggling to find her footing after divorce, who finds unexpected support from a young woman working at a garden center.

Never Clip Your Toenails While Under the Inluence of Drugs by Sandy Maranto
Playwright and author, Sandy Maranto, steps from behind the computer and onto the stage as she shares the poignant, yet also humorous, story of her road to and through her breast cancer diagnosis.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

#LIMBOTASTIC by Rita Anderson
Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, and Amy Winehouse meet up in the afterlife in limbo. When Winehouse suggests that they create a 60s girl group called The Soul Sisters of Suicide, the women drink, they fight over who’s the most famous, they play Truth or Dare—until someone figures out why they are there and they band together to get out. Absurd dark comedy.

A Slippery Slope by Bernadette Nason
Working at a Dubai hotel, Nason has countless responsibilities, including attending hotel social functions. She’s introverted; these events terrify her. During one such obligatory party, she discovers that a gin and tonic steadies her nerves. A bottle of Beefeater Gin, a humid evening, a bougainvillea-filled garden, and a pride of peacocks = cataclysmic disaster. Performed by Bernadette Nason, directed by Michael Stuart

Action Bike:Prequel by Eva Suter, directed by Noah Martin (ScriptWorks Commission)
Pedal fast as you can, you can’t outbike your fate.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thank you… by Allison Orr Block, Amy McAndrew, Cindy Vining, and Johanna Whitmore

Women “of a certain age” pay tribute to the ones who have rocked their worlds.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Love and Loss, Night One by Tristan Mercado, Max Langert, Rich Harrison; produced by Marla Porter
Tristan Mercado, Max Langert, and Rich Harrison tell true stories of love and loss.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Darling Is The Night by Jack Darling (ScriptWorks Commission)
A one-person autobiographical magic and storytelling piece written and performed by Jack Darling. This performance is an excerpt from a full-length piece in development. Produced by Christine Darling.

Pagewood (A Jukebox Musical) by C.M. Gill
Pagewood is a jukebox musical drama that explores the explosive interconnectedness between rock music, religion, and rebellion in a small Texas town in the 1980s.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Identifying Bear by Tristan Young Mercado
Futuristic look at the pressures of labels in a robotic society and finding your true identity.

All the Luck in the World by Raymond V. Whelan
Jimmy Reggiano grows up fast while working for his father, Marco, in the Boston North End, during the early 1960s. A radio play with several characters for three voices. Featuring Sebastian Garcia, Samantha Levine and Raymond V. Whelan and directed by Whelan.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Soldier of the Cross by Sally Seitz
A roadside prophet offers her interpretation of The Book of Revelation warning her audience that blessed are only those who are unsatisfied with the times and know that we must search for wisdom in unexpected places. Directed by Sally Seitz and performed by Eliza Renner.

Severe, Chronic, Drug Resistant by Helen Sneed
What does a patient do when she’s diagnosed with severe, chronic, drug-resistant mental illness? How does she fight back when the doctors tell her that she’s hopelessly sick? This is the story of one woman’s battle to recover, after the experts have told her she never can rejoin the world she’s lost.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Texas Book of Beasts – Year of the Gar by Jeff Irvin
Series of extremely short skits dealing with daddy-long-legs, dioramas, bats, javelinas, ocelots, crickets, frogs, toads, quail, rattlesnakes, ostriches, warts, and, of course, a gar.

Cowgirl Church by Created by The Heartland Theatre Collective
Cowgirl Churchis a pseudo-religious ceremony that uses rituals and audience interaction to celebrate women in Texas, from our friends and family to influential historical figures. The creative team includes Marian Kansas (Director), Nicole Oglesby (Writer/Performer), and Katy Matz (Performer), Franny Harold (Performer), and Alani Chock (Performer).

Instructions for a Séance, written and performed by Katie Bender
Part DIY séance, part exploration of ambition and motherhood, Instructions for a Séance is one woman’s imperfect attempt to contact Houdini from the beyond.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Swift Mercy bySandy Maranto
A young mother faces trial as the very driven Assistant District Attorney in charge of prosecuting her faces conflict from her peers, her mother, and even herself. Directed by Rosaline Faires, this play is being performed by: Yesica Betancourt, Barbara Faires, Karina Dominguez, Alex Maranto, and Cathie Sheridan.

Hobo Camp by Kyle John Schmidt(ScriptWorks Commission)
When a hobo camp appears in her neighbor’s yard, Bonnie gets suspicious. A whimsical new play from the seven-time Best-of-Fest-winning team of director Elizabeth C. Lay and writer Kyle John Schmidt.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Roommates by Marianne Serene
Two politically polar opposite roommates seek the assistance of a new voice-controlled virtual assistant to ensure the neutrality of their new roommate.   Will they be able to all get along?

Friday, February 1, 2019

Urine Trouble by James E. Burnside
A late middle-aged man discusses his prostate.

Still Me, by Pelita Dasalla
Donna, 50-year-old woman who recently lost her sight from an eye disorder. Before losing her sight, she was a nurse for 20 years. As her story unfold, Donna shares her challenges and how she overcame her struggle as a victim of domestic violence, to losing the love of her life, and finding her purpose without sight.

The Boston Girl – Chapter 1, by Anita Diamant
Samantha Levine recites the first chapter of Anita Diamant’s novel. Directed by Raymond V. Whelan.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Far From Avalon, written by Lorella Loftus with original music by Vikki Schwarz.
The Isle of Avalon is in crisis, and the Lady Vivienne must try to save it.  This musical monologue features Lorella Loftus, Angela Loftus and Vikki Schwarz.

Trolls by Tristan Young Mercado
Millennial trolls prove their worth in a tradition-based culture.

Love and Loss, Night Four by Rosemary Hook, Christine Schiele, and Helen Sneed; produced by Marla Porter
Rosemary Hook, Christine Schiele, and Helen Sneed tell true stories of love and loss.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Original Coven by Jennine “DOC” Krueger, Tova Charles, Amber Wilson
Three black women come together to discuss issues in society ranging from love to mental health to police brutality. This is told through the lens of witches and magic. By evoking the true power of Black Girl Magic, they explore the dark and light parts of the same spirit that connects black women.

Big Guy by Max Langert (ScriptWorks Commission)
When Lucy brings her new friend Tina home to meet the parents, her father isn’t quite what he appears to be. Directed by Ellie McBride.

All the Lovely People written and directed by Raymond V. Whelan
John Lennon, Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie are watching us. Featuring Sebastian Garcia as John Lennon, Samantha Levine as Eleanor Rigby and Raymond V. Whelan as Father McKenzie.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Less Than A Capella, by Hank Schwemmer
Expect delays.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Cap Stargazer and the Amazon Women of Mars, by Stephen Bittrich
A parody of old time radio theatre — in this case, the genre ia the space adventure series like Flash Gordon.

The Gods of Disdainful Judgment by Sandy Maranto
A monologue delivered from the perspective of a woman who’s at odds with her daughter over what is and what isn’t sexual assault but who also falls into an unexpected epiphany. Performed by Austin actress Cathie Sheridan and directed by Karina Dominguez.

We are thrilled to have the Long Fringe returning this year with performances of 45-90 minutes at Ground Floor Theatre. Below are ScriptWorks members who are participating in the Long Fringe:

Riveted Rosie,by James E. Burnside (Travelling Troupe). Dr. Ramone and Dr. Truffledina must find the defect in a “female” robot acting erratically. Ola Mae Baartman, Director of Liaisons for Hephaestus Enterprises Inc. is %@#*. Oh and there is one very confused Dick, the robot owner. What will the tests confirm? What can be done for her.. it? Will you help solve the mystery of Mutt?

Mon. 1/21 @ 8:45pm; Weds. 1/23 @ 7pm; Fri. 1/25 @ 8:45pm & Sat. 1/26 @ 6pm

$17 90 Minutes

Dog Play, Pug to Wolfhound: Patty to Beatrice, Bitch to Bitch, by Michael Michaelian. Dog Playis a tribute celebrating the human-canine relationship. With Jude Hickey and Justin Scalise as two men, an American in Central Texas and an Englishman in London, who develop their friendship, are better able to express their feelings, and deepen their understanding of each other, by exchanging letters to each other in the personalities of their respective dogs.

Tues. 1/29 @ 7pm; Thurs. 1/31 @ 8:45pm; Sat. 2/2 @ 12pm; Sat. 2/2 @ 8pm

$15   90 Minutes