Aunt LuLu Plays And Shrewd Productions present Where Are They Now??? A Fantasy Based on a True Crime, by Cyndi Williams

Where Are They Now??? is inspired by a lurid murder committed by two New Zealand schoolgirls in the 1950’s.

While Hilary the librarian struggles to control unruly library patrons and protect her books, the flamboyant writer Anne delves into the shelves to research the murder for a true crime novel. As their stories draw ever closer together, Hilary and Anne find themselves dancing around seductive memories and difficult questions about guilt, denial, identity, and the betrayal of friendship.

Where Are They Now??? is a collaborative work with text by Cyndi Williams (American Arcana), choreography by Julia M. Smith (The Philomel Project), and dramaturgical work by Shannon Grounds (Much Ado About Nothing) and Lynn Mikeska (Orange). Historic text taken from diaries, newspaper accounts, the trial and the autopsy are also driven into the heart of this sexy, disturbing story.

Choreographed by: Julia M. Smith. Directed by: Julia M. Smith and Cyndi Williams. Performed by: Shannon Grounds and Lynn Mikeska with Julia M. Smith. Original music by: Catherine Berry. Sound: K. Eliot Haynes. Costumes: Leigh Fisher.

Tickets are $10. All performances take place at the Blue Theater, 916 Springdale (map).

9:15 PM, Fri, Jan 21
12 PM, Sun, Jan 23
7 PM, Wed, Jan 26
4:30 PM, Sat, Jan 29