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It was just a silly 3 AM cooking show with her new cousin, Memo.  Now a major network wants to make it a reality.  This was her dream, right?  To find out she has a family.  Her wish to start over and be someone successful coming true.  Or is It?  Laura is having a hard time keeping things straight.  She’s not sleeping.  Memo’s gone missing.  Their grandmother is dead.  And in the morning, the Producer arrives to start filming.  This is a dream… right?    

Isabel Salazar challenges Fate on the meaning of Destiny.  Plays are dreams of the future, but also conscious of the past and society’s present, creating work that moves and is reflective of humanity.  Her work is designed for perception and subconsciousness, the community, and the individual.  Searching for a space of connection.  Hunting down a spark of conversation between strangers and lovers, sinners and innocents.  A play should speak to our diverse cultures, genders, and generations, connecting us through our collective human condition.  She does not create plays for escape but to be confronted and comforted and changed. With an MFA in Writing for Performance from California Institute of the Arts 2013, Isabel has worked with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Eugene O’Neil Theatre Center, and The Orchard Project.  In 2013, she was awarded the Kennedy Center ACTF Latinidad Playwriting Award and was a semi-finalist for the National Playwrights Conference.  Her work has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012 and FronteraFest Best of Fest 2006.