THIS YUGOSLAVIA by Michael Mitchell
Sunday, May 15 at 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave. (map)

This Yugoslavia is the story of a family that has pretty much lost it all. The father almost runs over a handsome Darwinian transient and offers him their spare room as a place to stay for a while. Can they lose even more? Can they regain something they maybe never really had? This Yugoslavia is set in fictional suburbs of Dallas during an extreme economic implosion that has put the country on the brink of civil turbulence. In times like that, what’s the currency? Sex, safety, religion?

Michael Mitchell is an Austin playwright and dramaturg, who also dabbles in fiction and poetry. He studied playwriting at the University of Texas, on both the graduate and undergraduate levels. His plays include Still Fountains, which was produced by ABPorter at Salvage Vanguard Theatre in 2008.