We’ll be gathering online this Sunday, August 30th,  for our annual season kick-off event, the Meet & Greet. While we’re sad we can’t have our usual cozy meet-up at the Vortex’s Butterfly Bar, we want to come together as a community to support one another and share news about playwriting and more.

Here’s the agenda:
5:00 – Welcome and introductions
5:15 – Break-out room rotations
5:45 – Member work inspired by 30/60/90
6:00 – ScriptWorks announcements
6:15 – Close

The times are approximate, depending on attendance, but we promise it won’t be longer than 75 minutes max.

Unlike previous years, where we invite actors, directors, and others who have been involved in our activities over the past year, we are making this year a family affair so we can focus on members and prospective members.

If you’re a prospective member and are interested in attending the Meet & Greet, please contact christi@scriptworks.org for Zoom info.