DEATH OF AN ARTIST by Steven Warren
Sunday, October 25th at 6:30pm
Austin Playwrights Studio*
5555 N. Lamar, Bldg. K, Ste. 125

They cannot understand a laborer, a plowed field, the sky; subjects so beautiful they are worth the devotion of one’s life. What am I in their eyes? A good-for-nothing, an eccentric and disagreeable man; somebody who has no position in society and never will. Very well, even if that were true, I shall show by my work what is in the heart of this eccentric man, of this nobody. Such is my ambition, which is founded less on anger than on love. 
–Vincent Van Gogh

Steve Warren’s short play THE CHECKER GAME was produced this past August at Samuel French’s Off-Off Broadway Festival at the Classic Stage Company in New York.  His full length play REBEL YELLS opens next month in Baltimore.

*The Austin Playwrights Studio (aka Warren’s place) is in the office park behind Half-Price Books on North Lamar. The best place to enter is from the back side of the Half Price Books complex. Go south on Guadalupe from Koening and look for the bicycle shop sign “Monkey Wrench Bicycles” on your right (they usually have a sandwich board in their driveway).

Take a right at the next driveway after that, there’ll be a building with a red awning on your left that says 5426 on it. Continue on and look for Bldg. K on the right.  The door to the space says Suites K 123-126, so you won’t see the actual suite number from the parking lot. If you have trouble, call Christi at 512-589-4055.