Pulse Works, the dynamic play development workshop and public reading series, returns for its second year this October, featuring four brand spanking new works of for the stage by three ASW Core Members and one Core Alumnus.

Pulse Works playwrights spend 30 hours in rehearsal with a professional director, dramaturg, and cast. Their collaboration culminates in a festive weekend of public readings, each followed by a post-play conversation that is moderated by a special guest literary manager. As a laboratory for experimentation, collaboration, and creation, Pulse Works provides time, space, support, and encouragement for fabulous new plays in process.

Lost & Found by Kendall Lynch
8 PM Oct 29, 2004
The boy, Suede Found, is pretty sure his mama might come back. His Granny says it’ll never happen but his daddy, Luke, says it will. Nothing grows on Granny’s land, at least nothing Luke touches. So Suede buries whatever he can find – forks and pans and all manner of clinking things. He knows one day something is gonna grow here, and when it does, they’ll all have to face up to what they’ve lost and what’s left, under the ground and above it.

Fear of a Fuhrer by Abi Basch
1:30 PM Oct 30, 2004
In an abandoned warehouse the bodies hang by strings, forgotten rotten refuse strewn, seven villages once peopled now puppet, and the girl made of puppet is made to radish as the army of metal lovers destroys, the enemy loves, ants cry, stars fall from the sky, a small doll creaks through the wreckage and the coin monkey claps. A cloud passes over the sun. A collaboratively generated play exploring puppetry, movement, language and silence to approach the impossible impulses of violence and devotion.

infinity = infinity + 1 by Skipper Chong Warson
4 PM Oct 30, 2004
A husband will leave his wife tonight. In one week, the wife will meet her husband’s woman-on-the-side. Fraternal twins come home to pay their soap opera actor father and housewife mother a visit. The future, the past and the present — it all adds up a story about contemporary relationships. How close can you actually get to dreaming without ever going to sleep?

Wind-talkers and Myth Makers by Zell Miller, III
8 PM Oct 30, 2004
The story of a young man coming in to his own as an artist, aided by colorful characters like Mother Carlos, Sister Shadow, Sir, and Graffiti. Saturn, the young man, has to weed through family mythology and reality to craft his own truth. Through the beat of hip-hop music and spoken word poetry and funky bass lines the mystery unfolds.

Hyde Park Theatre (web site)
511 W. 43rd St.

For information or reservations, please call 512-454-9727 or email (info-at-scriptworks.org).