Moses of the Bulrushes (a divine comedy) by Steve Warren
Sunday, September 28th @ 6:30pm
The State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

The orphan Moses, abandoned as a baby in a basket on the river by his mother, possesses divine powers but doesn’t know it yet even at age 17, because he has been raised by the stuttering, backwoods, river-washing former preacher Monroe Gifford and his two ugly sons who believe Moses is cursed for being born out of wedlock. Abused by his adopted family, Moses soon escapes with the help of wheelchair-ridden Granny Hannah and sets out on his Path to Glory, but when the ugly boys discover Moses has the deed to Granny’s farm that Monroe desires, they pursue Moses with a vengeance.

A former navy pilot and high school English teacher, Steve Warren retired eight years ago to dedicate his time to writing. He has had five stage plays produced around the country and four short screenplays made into films. One feature screenplay has been optioned while others have won or placed in national contests.