From sighted playwrights we prefer scripts with a blind character or blindness as a central theme, preferably from the point of view of the visually impaired character. If the writer is visually impaired there are no restrictions on content or style.

TBTB has developed several principal programs to achieve its mission to change the image of the blind from one of dependence to independence, to fight the stereotypes and misperceptions associated with blindness, and to show how vibrant, fluid and exuberant the visually impaired can be. Among them: developing visually impaired talent for theater, movies and TV; writing and developing original material revealing the world of the blind; touring to bring this material to as many people as possible; performing traditional material in a style to make it fully accessible to the blind; developing blind audiences; and integrating both the blind and the sighted in a shared aesthetic experience that bridges the gap between them.

The company exhibits an extraordinary range of productions with everything from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and The Comedy Of Errors to Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians to Brecht’s song filled Brecht On Brecht to the world premiere of Judd Woldin’s Murder In Baker Street. TBTB has also created their own evenings of original work written by company members and fully produced by the company.

There is nothing too serious or too silly if it is a well-crafted script with strong roles for actors. With an ongoing writing workshop and developmental capabilities, we have the ability to develop projects appropriate to the company.

George Ashiotis, Co-Artistic Director
306 West 18th Street, #3A
New York, NY 10011
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