Theatre Unleashed is seeking original short play submissions for our next series in our wildly popular Coffee Shop Shows.

The goal of the Coffee Shop Shows are to continue to create theatre for a non-theatre going audience in hopes of spiking their interest to maybe seek out some theatre. And it’s inexpensive entertainment!

The shows themselves will only be 45-60 minutes long and that includes live music or stand up. Each piece should range anywhere from 30 seconds-10 minutes. We’re welcoming anything from monologues to 5 person scenes. There should be an energy and intimacy about these pieces.

They should be written to take place in a coffee shop. So that the audience feels like the scene is happening right in front of them, please feel free to experiment. Interaction with the crowd in the coffee shop is welcome. Keeping the reality of a coffee shop is a plus. It’s about hearing that conversation that’s happening next to you or seeing that situation verging on the brink of explosion finally explode.

No topic is off limits. There will be no light changes or sound cues. This is about character, story and environment.

Please send your submissions, with a bio about yourself as a writer and a synopsis of the piece itself to Phillip Kelly, Artistic Director of Theatre Unleashed at