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OUT OF INK 2015: Random Acts of Magic



ScriptWorks 17th Annual Ten Minute Play Showcase
Hyde Park Theatre, 511 W. 43rd St.
April 23-25 and April 30-May 2, 2015 at 8 PM
Tickets:  $15 general admission, $12 students/seniors/ScriptWorks
April 23 is a Pay-What-You-Wish preview

The magic of theatre can lead to unexpected changes and sometimes to reliving special moments from the past. That is especially true in this year’s Out of Ink ten-minute play showcase, which features plays written using those ideas as their jumping-off point. The plays were written during ScriptWorks’ Weekend Fling, where members have 48 hours to write 10 minute plays using three arbitrary ingredients.

This year’s elements were:
1) A piece of magic.
2) Two characters must switch clothes/costumes at least once during the play.
3) A character must revisit the most embarrassing day of their life.

At the end of the Weekend Fling, the plays were read in a ScriptWorks Salon at the State Theatre.  A selection committee picked eight of the plays for production in Out of Ink. The selection committee included Dallas-area director Elizabeth Martin, and Austin playwright/actors and non-applying ScriptWorks members Joe Hartman and Cyndi Williams.

The Random Acts of Magic scripts were written by:

Rita Anderson, Kirk German, Carolyn Kennedy, Max Langert, Briandaniel Oglesby, Sarah Saltwick, Samuel Vaughan and Cindy Vining.  The plays will be performed by an ensemble of actors including  David DuBose, Marie Fahlgren, Joe Hartman, Gina Houston, Matrex Kilgore, Jenny Lavery, Noah Martin, Lori Navarrete, Zac Thomas, Robin Grace Thompson, and Minerva Villa. They’ll be directed by Lowell Bartholomee, Carolyn Kennedy, Linda Nenno, Sharon Sparlin and Lily Wolff. Designers for the project are Natalie George, Jessica Giilzow, and Jason Newman.

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POISON by Ihor Gowda
Sunday, April 26 at 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

In POISON, American nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer and British mathematician/codebreaker Alan Turing, whose extraordinary contributions were key to Allied victory in WWII, cross paths on the evening of June 6, 1954 – the tenth anniversary of D-Day, and the day before Turing’s tragic suicide. Moved to candor by the heartbreaking parallels in their lives, Turing shares the secret of his still-classified  work on cracking Nazi codes. Oppenheimer immediately grasps the significance of Turing’s achievement, and in a conversation that illuminates larger issues of gay rights, nuclear proliferation, and national security vs. individual rights – a conversation they alone could have had – they painfully reflect on their abandonment and rejection by the countries who owed them so much. Two broken men end the evening headed toward very different futures.

A resident of Austin TX, Ihor Gowda is a lifelong avid student of science and technology, and spent 20+ years in the telecom and computer industries. He is also a lifelong fan of theatre. This is his first play.

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JACOB’S LADDER by Dennis Bailey
presented by Theatre en Bloc
March 27 – April 19

The Boyd Vance Theatre (at the Carver Museum)
1165 Angelina St.
Austin, TX 78702

At the height of WW II, an unassuming young staffer to FDR discovers a Top Secret proposal to bomb the Concentration Camps dotting Eastern Europe. Whatever the outcome of the controversial debate, the perception of morality, accountability and assimilation will profoundly alter his family and the world around him. With insight, wit and a dash of 1940s panache, JACOB’S LADDER recounts a hero who’s not born but cornered as he wrestles with the idea that all evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

The production features an all-star cast of Austin talent including Babs George, Jenny Lavery, Zach Kleinsmith, Johanna Whitmore, Jay Fraley, and Tom Byrne.

JACOB’S LADDER was developed in part through the ScriptWorks Salon and is presented with the assistance of the ScriptWorks Finer Point Fund for New Play Production. The Thursday April 2nd performance will be a benefit for ScriptWorks to replenish the fund.  Come see a great show and support ScriptWorks at the same time! All tickets are sliding scale and are available HERE.

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Sunday, March 29 at 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

After serving 30 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend, Charles Wicklow receives a strange visitor who is hellbent in finding out the truth about what really happened in his cold, cold case, but who can tell if she is a reporter, a detective, a mob informant, or a guide from the future—because her story keeps changing. Part mystery, part psychological haunting, the play is a journey into the shadows of the mind and heart, as much as it is a path into the past. THINGS YOU FIND IN A BIRD’S NEST explores ambition, the meaning of promises, and the pivotal events that shape who we are.

Rita Anderson, a member of International Centre for Women Playwrights, Dramatists Guild, ScriptWorks, and The Playwrights’ Center and has an MFA Creative Writing and an MA Playwriting. An award-winning playwright and poet, Rita has had numerous publications and her plays have been produced internationally. A winner at the Kennedy Center (KCACTF), she went on scholarship to the O’Neill Theater Center (CF 2012). Her play, Frantic is the Carousel, was the 2013 National Partners American Theatre (NAPAT) nominee, when she was also recipient of the Ken Ludwig Playwriting Award for “best body of work.” In 2014, she had 15 publications and eight productions (in such cities as  NYC, Boston (3), Houston, Dallas, and Cincinnati). Early Liberty, internationally published at www.offthewallplays.com, is on the publisher’s “Best Selling Plays” list. Her article, “On Gender Parity in Theatre and What May Be Broken, Parts I & II” was published in the TCG Diversity Blog, and she already has 13 productions lined up for 2015. The highlight of her emerging career so far, however, was sitting on a playwriting panel with Christopher Durang last November. Contact her at www.rita-anderson.com

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A combo workshop taught by Don Zolidis

Wednesday, March 18 7-9pm
Salvage Vanguard Studio
2803 Manor Road

$20 ScriptWorks members/ $30 General

INFO/RESERVATIONS: advance purchase here or reserve at info@scriptworks.org

With over 14,000 high schools and twice that many middle schools in the United States with theatre programs, there is an enormous market for plays that can be performed with young people. Playwright Don Zolidis, a former middle and high school teacher, will discuss the art of writing for high schools and middle schools: What are directors looking for? How does a play for a high school differ from a play for a professional theatre? What should we, as playwrights, keep in mind? What about censorship? How do we get our plays into the hands of high school and middle school directors?

In the second half of the program, Zolidis will expand the discussion to include the principles of comedy in general. Special attention will be paid to applying those concepts to high school plays – what makes a play funny? What makes a scene funny? How does your choice of style and format dictate the type of stories you can tell? How does one create believable comedy as opposed to absurdist comedy?

Don Zolidis is one the most popular living playwrights in America. His 70 published plays have been produced more than 6,700 times and have appeared in every state and 47 different countries. He holds an MFA from the Actor’s Studio Program at the New School University and a B.A. in English from Carleton College. He’s won multiple Edgerton New Play awards, the Princess Grace Award, and in 2013 his play White Buffalo was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. He lives in Austin.

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Sunday, February 22 at 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

Bringing nonfiction to the stage, this one-man show, Counterfeit-Bill, takes his audience on an unexpected ride. The impersonator-humorist, portraying the 42nd President of the United States, tells a factual story about himself while delivering a history lesson about another presidential doppelgänger.

New to play-writing, Pat Rick produced an award-winning documentary, The Novitiate. Born from that film project, The Abbey& Me is a written account of invasion and seizure of a Midwest Catholic monastery, chronicling a 1975 Native American act of civil disobedience. His memoir is listed as notable in the 2013 Shelf Unbound Writing Competition for books. Now, and just in time, Pat is launching Counterfeit-Bill (http://www.hillaryshusband.com) to coincide with the 2016 political season. Appearing as Bill Clinton in person, on television and film, allowed Rick to acquire membership with The Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. His character on stage proves “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

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Sunday, January 25 at 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

During four episodes spanning four decades, fourteen characters struggle for food, shelter and love in Boston, an old American city full of avarice and charm.

Raymond V. Whelan is a former award-winning print journalist based in San Antonio and Marble Falls. Since getting laid off from newspaper work almost three years ago, Whelan has steered full tilt toward live theater, his real passion. His one-act piece Twice Today is currently in rehearsal for FronteraFest 2015. Previous work includes Dinner at Cinderella’s, Lester Leaps Out, Some Women See Things As They Are; and Southie Pride Ezzah Given, all produced during Frontera Fest 2012-2014.

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FronteraFest is a five-week long performance festival that ScriptWorks co-produces with Hyde Park Theatre annually. We commission four pieces for the Short Fringe, which appear weekly on Weds. nights. Every year, several of our members are involved in FronteraFest. Here are the members  who are taking part this year:


Wednesday, January 14
Just a Touch by Anthony Ellison (SW Commission)
MYHEB by Raul Garza

Tuesday, January 20
Revelations by Russel Minton (Hourglass Players) featuring Jo Rake
Rehearsals by Kalli Angel
Sadie Saturday Nite by Jean Caffeine
Angels, Hermits, and Phantoms by Emily Ball Cicchini
Frankenstein & Polio Girl by Tommy LeVrier
Wednesday, January 21
Tom and Liz Go on a Picnic by Max Langert (SW Commission)
A Showbiz Trilogy by Warren Steele
Roads and Crosses by Heather Bishop

Friday, January 23
Meat Town by Mick D’Arcy (featuring Roxy Becker)
Megan and Blaine Explore a Theme with Finger Puppets by Megan (Thornton) and Blaine

Wednesday, January 28
Ghost Play by Travis Tate (SW Commission)
Between Brother and Sister by Briandaniel Oglesby

Thursday, January 29
Go Home, Mister Chaplin by James E. Burnside
Manual by Elizabeth Doss

Friday, January 30
Mother’s Day by Lisa B. Thompson
Counterfeit-Bill by Pat Rick
Conversations by Rhonda Kulhanek

Tuesday, February 3
The Spiritual Artsonist: A Thirst for Longitude by Hank Schwemmer
Advanced Directive – Should I Stay or Should I Go by Nettie Reynolds
Ravings of a Six-Year-Old Madman by Liam Langert  (with support from Dad Max)

Wednesday, February 4
DARK: A New Tale by Sarah Saltwick (SW Commission)
Sister Sheriff by Kyle John Schmidt
Gaining June Joy Hunnicutt by Kimberly Smith

Thursday, February 5
Love Me Tinder: A Musical Sketch Revue by Ensemble (led by Adrienne Dawes)

Friday, February 6
Twice Today by Raymond V. Whelan
One Night in Paradise written and directed by George D. Obermiller


Dog Play, Pug to Wolfhound: Patty to Beatrice, Bitch to Bitch, a play that’s probably not a play but a tribute to the human-canine relationship by Michael Michaelian
Sun. 1/25 7:30PM; Mon. 1/26 7PM; Fri. 1/30 7PM; Sat. 1/31 4:30PM

Peck by Amy McAndrew, Cindy Vining, and Johanna Whitmore (Hourglass Productions)
Mon. 1/19 8:45PM; Weds. 1/21 7PM; Fri. 1/23 8:45PM; Sun. 1/25 12PM

The Walls of Jericho by Sandra Metcalf
Wed. 1/21 9PM; Sat. 1/24 8:45PM; Weds. 1/28 7PM; Sat. 1/31 2:15PM

Complete information about all these shows and all of FronteraFest can be found at www.hydeparktheatre.org.

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Sunday, December 14 at 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.


A woman searches for the body of her brother in the basement of a funeral home in Odessa, Texas.  (Idea prompted by a story on KUT.)

James Burnside is a playwright, foster parent, and curmudgeon.

ONE NIGHT IN PARADISE by George Obermiller

A dark comedy about life, death, and the limits of friendship.

George Obermiller is a playwright and screenwriter from Austin, TX.

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EL by Raul Garza
Sunday, October 26th at 6:30pm
The Off Shoot, 2211-A Hidalgo St. (east side of the Off Center)

EL is a play about stories. It’s  about the dynamic of storytelling, and the power of inventing our own realities. The narrative chronicles an Mexican family’s journey from reality to historia, as they unravel and “re-ravel” their conflicting recollections. As the family’s shared past is revealed, characters explore the value, process, and costs of telling their stories.

Raul Garza is an Austin-based playwright who has drawn acclaim for telling stories that resound with authenticity and sense of place. His full-length play FANTASMAVILLE garnered the National Latino Playwriting Award and earned a B. Iden Payne Award nomination for Outstanding Original Script.

Raul’s full length plays include FANTASMAVILLE, DOS POCITOS, CURA, CONFESSIONS OF A MEXPATRIATE, and EL. His short story In the Room won the 2014 Austin Chronicle  Short Story Contest, and LeBaron was recently cited for Honorable Mention by the 2014 Texas Observer Short Story Contest. When not writing, Raul teaches yoga, devours pop culture, and serves as co-founder and creative director of TKO Advertising.

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