Deadline: July 31, 2010

LiveWire is proud to announce our 3rd annual VisionFest.

LiveWire established VisionFest to expose new works to the community and get the community involved in new works. Besides helping us choose an “Image” (or “Environment” or “Theme” as we have the last two years respectively), VisionFest audience members are offered the chance to provide feedback to the playwrights and artists on the development of the pieces presented.

Submissions are required to adhere to the “Image” guideline or are discarded.

This year, playwrights will be asked to write plays based on an Image. LiveWire is putting a call out to visual artists from around the world to submit their best image for consideration. Once we have received all visual art submissions, the LiveWire Collective along with invited members of the community will choose 10-12 pieces for the entire public to vote on. The Image with the most votes will guide all play submissions. Check online for this year’s Image at

NOTE: We are not looking for plays where the characters are sitting, looking and talking about the image, but for plays where the image is part of the world of the play.

Submissions are open to local, regional, national and international playwrights. Finalists will be announced when program is complete. Only original material may be submitted.

Submissions must be postmarked between April 19th through July 31st to be accepted (Any submissions sent outside of these dates will be discarded.)

Plays must be between 1 to 12 minutes in length; 1 to 12 pages depending on density of material. (Any scripts over 12 minutes will be discarded.) One submission per playwright will be considered. Previously produced scripts will NOT be accepted.

Submissions should only include:

  1. your playscript (bound preferred)
  2. with playwright’s name on the title page only.
  3. SASE for returning playscript is optional.

Submissions should be sent to:

LiveWire Chicago Theatre
P.O. Box 11226
Chicago IL 60611-0226

E-mail Submissions will not be accepted.