Sunday, April 25 at 6:30 PM
It’s tiresome being the King of the Grackles when grackles are a bossy bickering bunch in the first place, who tend to abandon all discipline and flee into the sky anytime a car horn goes off in the neighborhood—and tougher still when you’re a King of a more refined disposition, who has aspirations to being a superior, clever, better sort of “thinking” grackle.  Luckily The King has his two enforcer grackles, Scottsie and Kreel, who keep the backyard pecking order sharply in line.  But when The King discovers the source of a golden cache of tasty corn kernels just sitting there for the grabbing, The King takes on a nemesis who’s bigger and smarter than he is … an old woman in a ball cap armed with an air horn.  Narrated by slinky Stella the Black Cat, THE KING OF THE GRACKLES is a book for a musical by Doug Gower, that functions like a one-act play and is currently in search of its music and lyrics.  Please join this Zoom reading and help Doug figure out where the heck the songs go!
Doug Gower is a writer of fiction and plays.  His recent published works include the satire “A Message from Your Skin” in Defenestration Magazine, the short story “Kartoosh” in Eclectica Magazine, and the novella “Cowboy vs. Truck.”  His play “Daddies” is available from Dramatists Play Service.  Over the years Doug’s plays have been staged by such venues as The Vineyard Theatre, Juilliard Repertory, and The Actors Theatre of Louisville.  Doug lives in Austin where he’s currently working on a book about a young man with a humiliating speech defect who one day wakes up talking like an Englishman and finds overnight success in 1960s Hollywood.