Sunday, February 23rd at 6:30pm
State Theatre, 719 Congress Ave.

In NOBODY’S FAULT, Charlie Newcombe has left her marriage to Duane Dupres and returned to Los Angeles in hopes of reviving her career as a primetime action-series leading lady. It hasn’t gone well. She has taken refuge at the house of her best friend, cruise ship choreographer, Ricky Fletcher; a crash pad occupied by the very same LA types that sent her screaming into that not so blissful early retirement. When Ricky arrives unexpectedly, he brings with him an inconvenient and painful surprise that challenges Charlie to the core, making her wrestle with her deepest desire to end it all.  Be careful what you wish for, right?

Carolyn Kennedy Graupner has worked in and around entertainment for a long time in New York, Chicago, London, Edinburgh, and Los Angeles, and is coming into her 18th month as a full-time Austin resident/East Coast refugee. Throughout, she’s written, performed, taught, directed, and produced entertainments – and even enjoyed employment on the agency side of the business (literature and talent) amongst other adventures in the screen trade (to quote WG).  She recently launched THE LIBERTY BELLES at the FronteraFest Long Fringe, thanks to the remarkable ScriptWorks, her partner in everything, Peter Graupner, and the Austin Producers’ Club. THE LIBERTY BELLES, a comedy featuring WWII music, is now slated for a summer run at the Scottish Rite Theater.