SALLY by Tracey Lynn Huguley
Sunday, February 24th at 6:30pm
For the City Center, 500 E. St. Johns Ave. 78752

Set in a small town near Galveston, Texas, SALLY is the story about Sally, the hearing daughter of Deaf adults, and her heroine’s journey that included rejecting her parents and their Deaf culture and then returning home. This play gives the audience a rare glimpse into the Deaf culture through the lens of one family’s challenges and triumphs. In the end, Sally comes to accept and embrace her culture, the Deaf culture, which is filled with eccentricities and uniqueness. This play has Deaf and hearing characters and is mostly in American Sign Language with interpreters for the hearing audience.

Tracey Huguley, M.A., is the hearing daughter of Deaf adults and was raised in the Deaf culture. She has a deep love and respect for the Deaf culture which is her own. Tracey saw her first play WEST SIDE STORY at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston, Texas at the age of nine and has been hooked on theater since. She is a classically trained actress with many years of theater acting in her background. SALLY is semi-autobiographical with factual historical references and shines a light on the struggles the Deaf community continues to face. Tracey’s hopes are that by watching this play audience members become more educated on the challenges the Deaf community continues to face and that the audience will fall in love with the Deaf culture as she has.