Greg Romero (CORE) is producing this program of the festival in coordination with Austin Script Works and rm 120 theatre.

This is a really fun part of the festival. Every year for ONE DAY, performances invade people’s homes (as well as in public places) in a dynamic, FUN day-long event. Beginning at 11 am, there are anywhere from 6 to 10 wild events all over the city of Austin. The day culiminates in a blow-out, site-specific party at about 7pm.

Mi Casa es Su Teatro takes place on Saturday, February 5, 2005.

There are a wide-range of types of events in year’s past. Some are site-specific theatre pieces, some are film-viewings in somebody’s living room, some are parties, some are improvisational pieces in a bathroom, some are dances on rooftops, some are music pieces, some are attempts to get kicked out of every store in a strip mall. This is your opportunity to create as creative a performance piece as possible. This is the perfect forum to do something that people will never forget!

There are really NO limits to what you can do.

Well — some limits. The pieces should run for less than an hour. And it should follow the spirit of “Mi Casa es Su Teatro” in some way.

The deadline for organizing the Festival Calendar is Saturday, January 15th, so please contact Greg Romero (dramaturg, rm 120 theatre) as soon as possible with your ideas, thoughts, and revelations. Greg is happy to meet and brainstorm with folks to chew the fat around their ideas. You can reach him at: (512) 420-8232 or

This is a ONE DAY only event, so opportunities to participate are going fast!