SHE WAS HERE by Raul Garza
Sunday,  January 30 at 6:30 PM
Online (Members will receive the link via email on the 30th; prospective members, please contact us for the link)

What if the world was changing just as you figured out where you fit in? What if you felt like your feet were cemented to the past, but you wanted to change the future? What if your sense of self spanned way beyond what the world told you it should be?

SHE WAS HERE lives in that uncomfortable space. That place where you swear you can still smell your abuela’s perfume. That place you thought was yours alone, but now the whole world seems to want a piece of. That place you want to flee, but cannot bear to leave behind.

Based in a rapidly changing Austin community, SHE WAS HERE travels four generations to confront family legends, dreams, disappointments, and what-ifs. The play illuminates how families grapple with change, inheritance, and identity, and offers revealing glimpses of the people and places that hold us.

Inspired by shared stories of community members, SHE WAS HERE asks if it’s possible to love what makes us different while letting go of what made us that way.

Raul Garza is a Latinx playwright who has drawn acclaim for telling stories that resound with authenticity and sense of place. He boldly explores the intersection of popular culture and cultural identity, and incorporates music, spirituality, and the power of nostalgia into works that span time and location. When not writing, Raul vibes on kundalini yoga, devours pop culture, and travels beyond his means.