THE SCENT OF PEACHES by Kathy Rose Center
Sunday, March 27 at 6:30 PM CST
Online (Members will receive the link via email on the 27th; prospective members can email for link.)
THE SCENT OF PEACHES is not just a story about two lesbians who happen to be a biracial couple in the Deep South in the 1950s. As if that weren’t bad enough. It’s about two young human beings in the glory and innocence of their youth, determined to find a place where they can openly and authentically live their lives together, only to be tragically torn apart through violence and death, with traumatic consequences that secretly plague them into their senior years. It’s also not a sweet love story about two quirky old women who are happily reunited, at long last. Even though you might wish it to be. It’s about overcoming the emotional damage of long-held secrets, letting go of deep-seated misunderstandings, and finding the courage to forge a new life from what remains. Happy endings don’t just happen. You have to earn them.
Kathy Rose Center is a late-blooming actor, screenwriter and playwright. She dove into acting at age 54, with diligence, heart, fearlessness and an irrepressible sense of humor, and has accumulated a surprisingly-wide range of acting experiences. Most notably, on film, as the viciously unhinged Grandma in the psychological thriller “Grandma’s House” (2018); on television, as the comically shocking “Ma Kettle” on “Breaking Bad” (#305); and on Austin stages, in performances described as “gripping,” “admirable,” “beautiful,” “sly” and “terrific.” She’s also landed screen and stage roles originally written for men — most notably, as city mayor in Don Fried’s stage play “Postville” (2016).
Kathy firmly believes that we create the world in which we live through the stories we choose to tell ourselves and each other. With far too many living examples of this in recent years, she’s hoping to tip the scales with more stories of unexpected hope, courage, kindness, humor and love, that transcend age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic realities and spiritual beliefs… element that have been used to divide us and blind us to our common humanity. Forget “write what you know.” Write what you want to see more of in the world.