Monday, March 4 @ 7pm
Dallas Children’s Theatre, 5938 Skillman, Dallas

Missing the Mark is a one-act drama set in the early 1900’s characterizing the life of a now aging man who once served the Union Army as a sharpshooter (sniper).  The war continues in his head, enigmatic even to him some forty-five or so years later.  The confusion and anger we now know as post-traumatic stress syndrome makes itself known daily on his enabling wife, his tortured daughter, and most of all, his idealistic grandson.

Gary Swaim is a playwright, poet, and writer of fiction.  His plays have been performed both in Texas and California, and he is the 2011 Texas Poet Laureate teaching at Southern Methodist University in the Master of Liberal Studies Program.  Widely published, he serves as Faculty Advisor for Creative Writing in the MLS Program and is the Executive Editor of SMU’s online literary journal, Pony Express(ions).  He was selected in 1999 as a Minnie Stevens Piper Professor of Excellence for the State of Texas.