HOME by John Michael Hoke
Sunday, October 31 at 6:30 PM CST 

Where is the line between who you are and what you’ve been raised to believe? Set in the heart of Germany during the height of the Second World War, Home explores the ambiguous nature of our identities, the difference between what’s good and what’s true, and the long climb from the darkness into the light. Inspired by historical interviews and documented events, the story follows an ensemble cast through clashing ideologies, cataclysmic personal revelations, and planting the seeds of revolution. Can the truth truly set you free?

John Michael Hoke is a multidisciplinary theatre artist based in Austin, TX. After graduating from Texas State University in 2018, he moved directly to Austin and began working in the local theatre community. He is an Actor, Sound Designer, Fight Choreographer, Playwright, and Composer, and is constantly looking for the next opportunity to create theatre. His next project is currently Austin Shakespeare’s upcoming Bollywood Twelfth Night in which he will be acting and sound designing.