MORTAL CHOICE by Rebecca Osborne
Sunday, September 30 at 6:30 pm
Hyde Park Theatre, 511 W. 43rd Street

Mortal Choice, a trilogy of one-act plays, is the story of two mortals whose forbidden love sparked the Trojan War and served as entertainment and sport for the gods of Mount Olympus. 
Mortal Choice: The Golden Apple
Paris, the outcast Prince of Troy, longs to alter his fate and save his homeland from destruction. After crossing paths with the beautiful Helen, the gods of Mount Olympus entangle him in their own family squabble and Paris has the opportunity to make his curse worth keeping.
Mortal Choice: The Walls of Troy 
As the Trojan War rages on, Troy’s royal family wants their war with Greece to end.  But, when Hector hatches a plan that will rob Paris of the woman he loves, family strife ensues and Hector must come to terms with the consequences of his choices.  
Mortal Choice: The Arrows of Heracles
The goddesses of Mount Olympus are bored with meddling in the Trojan War.  As Zeus referees their bickering, Aphrodite’s final move in their game forces a choice only a mortal can fully understand.  Paris must choose either love or life. 

Rebecca Osborne holds a B.F.A. in Theatre from Southwestern University and an M.A. in Theatre from Kent State University. She serves as a judge for UIL One Act Play contest. Her short dramatic writings have had productions in New York City and six States across the US.