One of the things our coronavirus survey showed was that many members are, understandably, having a hard time focusing on writing right now and especially getting started. Since it’s likely folks will still be “hunkering down” for the next few months, at least, we are reviving our 30/60/90 program for the summer of 2020. This program is focused on the daily practice of writing and inspired by Suzan-Lori Parks’ 365 Days/365 Plays project.

In 2002, Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright decided to write a play a day for a year. The resulting play cycle, called 365 Days/365 Plays, is a daily meditation on artistic life, and a radical reinterpretation of what it means to be creative. ScriptWorks is offering our own opportunity to practice daily creativity through 30/60/90.

Sign up for a period of time – 30, 60, or 90 days. During that period of time, we’ll send you a daily writing prompt by email, offered by local and national writers, dramaturgs, and artists  — read their bios here.

The point is to write anything. Finish it. Move on to the next thing. Just write every day. Don’t look back! You will probably hate it at some point. You will probably love it, too. You may or may not like what winds up on the page. But 30/60/90 is not about the end result or the product. It’s just about the practice of engaging with inspiration and creativity.

Hopefully, we’ll culminate 30/60/90 in person at our Annual Meet & Greet in August.

We believe the small suggested donation for 30/60/90 will help give you an incentive for your creative commitment (and cover our administrative costs), but a basic tenet of 365 Days/365 Plays is radical inclusion, so contact us if the fee is prohibitive.

The launch date for this project is June 1, the day you will receive your first prompt.  The 30 day periods will break down as follows:

non-member price member price
30 days June 1 – 30 $15 $10
60 days July 1 – 30 $30 $20
90 days July 31 – Aug. 29 $45 $30

You may sign up for any or all of these 30 day periods. You should then receive a confirmation email.

Contact us with any questions.